“A story watchman for a better world”
‘Nabi’ means ‘prophet’ in Hebrew. Like a prophet who delivers messages to people through one’s life, Nabiclub dreams of publishing a book that can change people’s lives through ‘story’.
We has published a number of novels and essays, including “My Crazy Feminist Girlfriend,” which is currently being produced for movies, dramas, and webtoons, and it will be published by Crown Publishing Company in Taiwan. With the Korea Association of Mystery Writers, publishing a collection of awards for the “Golden Pen Award” yearly and the magazine “Quarterly Mystery”.


A Spruce Table

The story is based on a true story of decades of exploration in Eurasia as an anthropologist and an outstanding storyteller. It is a story about love, life, and death set in the Tibetan Plateau, and the ultimate salvation of humans and nature.

I Married A French Bookworm

The essay was written by a Korean wife married to a French bookworm and the world's strongest nosy intellectual. This story is written in the humorous style, which is a clash of Korean-French civilization, or marital conflict. “Marriage is not crazy. I just married a crazy man!”

Strange Mystery 1~4

"Fear, mystery, thriller... Young Korean writers have come together for the best reading entertainment!” 20 stories from 20 Korean mystery writers from Korea Mystery Writer's Association & Bizzare Academy. We can experience each mystery writer's unique voice from each story.

Quarterly Mystery

This magazine has been published steadily by the Korea Mystery Writer's Association, the only association of mystery novel writers in Korea. This focuses on introducing works by young Korean writers who think about current social problems and embody them with their outstanding sense of mystery.

2007-2020 Gold Pen Prize Winner of the Korean Mystery Literature Prize

In 2007, Korea Mystery Writer's Association established the "Golden Pen Award," a short section, to discover works that showed the best reasoning and novel completeness. The book is a special edition of all 12 works that won the Golden Pen Award from 2007 to 2020. It proves how Korean mystery novels have evolved and diversified over the past 14 years.