YeaRimDang is a children’s book publisher with 47 year’s history. We are one of the top children’s publishers in Korea and our bestselling series ‹Why?› has been sold over 78 million copies in Korea and licensed to 50 countries in 13 languages. Our imprint Smartbear publishes novelty books, sound books, picture book series and activity books for 0-6 year-olds. YeaRimDang will broaden its partnership for OSMU(One Source Multi Use) in various areas from conventional book publishing to digital and MCN business.


Hey, Crinkly!

A heart-warming storybook for 7-9 year olds about a pet dog named Crinkly, who has been abandoned and now meet a new owner who is quite eccentric. Despite their differences, they became a good pair at the end.

Why? Cutting-edge Math (5 comic book series)

From AI to Big Data, Why? Cutting-edge Math introduces concepts and principles in storytelling style so that readers can build basic knowledge on all subjects with fun and ease.

Little Bear (10 picturebook series)

Little bear, the main character shares many things in common with toddlers. From the story of this naughty but sweet bear character, our little readers will learn what is right and what is wrong, how to control emotions and build up good characters and self-esteem, which is the basis for their social life.

My First Animals (10 nonfiction picturebook series)

My First Animals is a thematic series with real photos of animals. Children can naturally learn about the characteristics and habits of different animals while observing them in real pictures.

My Car Book (4 toy+book series)

My Car Book comprises 60 pieces, 2 tools and 1 picture book with a story of the car made by children. Tools such as a driver and spanner are provided so that children can assemble the pieces to make two different cars on their own. A QR-coded video footage is also provided to help the little hands.