Starting with the launch of Korea’s first comic magazine in 1991, Daewon C.I. hadn’t only been introducing international million-selling IPs such as to domestic market, but also had been laid the foundation for comics’ publication industry with its original IP. It also exported IPs to more than 40 countries, in forms of comics, Hollywood movie, Taiwanese drama and game franchise. This year, Daewon C.I. is speeding up its expansion of overseas business, exporting over 100 titles to 10 different countries including Taiwan.


Farewell to the Hurtfulness

It is often so easy to think of the shocking and traumatic events when it comes to “hurtfulness”, but in fact, wounds that threaten our daily lives often start with just a single word or an eye contact that we’re having in the relationship. So, this book guide us how to say goodbye properly to the hurtfulness from what’s been accumulated from childhood to small wounds of daily life. In addition, it also introduces mental vaccines that would be good to fit inside to prevent repeated internal problems.

The Need-to-know Science for the ordinary us.

For those who are interested in science but don't know where and how to approach it, the book shares interesting stories and pictures of scientific common sense that we need to know. From the birth of mankind to artificial intelligence, important scientific discoveries are pointed out in 15 themes, and the social context contained in them is examined through a deep insight in terms of movies, history, and philosophy.

My Vacation Book

Now that we spend more time at home, a growing number of people are searching for a new hobby for a better pleasant home life. So, this book contains various kinds of games: colorings, maze puzzles, hidden pictures, difference findings, ladder game, and so on. Each game has its own level of difficulty, so it's fun to enjoy it one by one. It's a one-person playbook that anyone can enjoy easily. This is for people who are tired of the same at-home-life every day.