EunHaeng NaMu Publishing Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1997, EunHaeng NaMu Publishing Co., Ltd. has offered bestselling literary fiction and nonfiction titles by renowned authors in and out of Korea.
We have published distinguished novels and essays, TV and movie tie-ins, as well as various nonfiction titles. ‘EunHaeng NaMu’ is Korean for gingko tree, which is a very useful plant living ten-thousand years. We are committed to making good books that satisfy various needs of our readers.


Jini, Jinny

The book is published three years after her previous work by Jeong You-jeong, who became world-famous for her SevenYearsofDarkness,28 and The Good Son. It is highly breathtaking and beautifully depicts the moment when the barrier between two worlds collapses.

Team Aleph

The winner of the 3rd Jeju 4.3 Peace Literary Award Team Aleph tells the story of people who try to manipulate public opinion by posting malicious comments on the left-wing website after the 2012 presidential election and to disable the website.


This book is about the love and reflects the 'heart' in various colors that are scattered in different ways during the process of meeting and parting. Through this novel, Son Won-pyeong tells us how much we can reflect on ourselves and how much we can like ourselves through the love and relationships.

Drifting Land

This novel tells the story of 170,000 ethnic Koreans who were forcefully moved from the Russian Far East to Central Asia on a freight train in 1937—a vivid and delicate portrait of their yearning for “roots” as well as their tragic lives steeped in sadness and longing.

GV Villain Go Tae-gyeong

The book is a story that takes place when independent film director Cho Hye-na, who failed to make a hit, meets Ko Tae-kyung, the 'GV Villain' in a dialogue with the audience, and starts making a documentary about him. It vividly depicts what happens in a film community.