Key Publications, founded in 1984, is a book publisher specializing in study-aid books. It has published a number of steady sellers and best sellers in each category, including the American School Textbook series, which has sold over 2 million copies just in Korea, Grammar is Writing, which has topped the charts in the category of Elementary School English, and Elementary Fractions: Concepts First, a best seller in the Elementary School Mathematics category.
Key Publications makes each and every book with craftsmanship, to provide books for its readers that guarantee a definite improvement in their skills.


Amazing Phonics + Amazing Phonics Readers

A study-aid book for phonics learning, carefully structured with pronunciation practices, vocabulary learning, and story reading. Deeply rooted in Maria Montessori’s educational philosophy, the book guides its readers to enhance their skills while having fun, like magic!

Elementary Fractions: Concepts First

Fraction is a major factor that forces elementary school students to give up on studying mathematics. Without the full understanding of fraction before moving on in the curriculum, students can easily give up on math altogether. Elementary Fractions: Concepts First breaks down the concept for students to digest without difficulty. The book is provided with comprehensible illustration, teaching the concept of fraction as if a teacher is there to give the students a one-on-one lesson. Students can also watch free video lectures via QR codes if they stumble upon confusing explanations.

Yay! Brain Games Training for KiDs

Yay! Brain Games Training for KiDs is a full-on training book for cognitive training, consisted of a digital game app (Android only), video guide, and hands-on activity sheets. The book provides carefully systemized activities based on mathematical concepts, such as number, space, symmetry, classification, and shape. Combined with engaging topics for children, the book allows them to develop creativity and problem-solving skills.

Thanks to Nuance, English is Easier Now

The verbs ‘hit’, ‘strike’, and ‘beat’ all deliver the meaning of ‘coming into sudden contact with something.’ Since they all have the same meaning, is it possible to use the words interchangeably? The answer is a definite “no”. Many students mistakenly use the wrong word, thinking that it wouldn’t matter which word they choose, since the meaning is almost the same. However, in English, each word has a difference in usage called ‘nuance’. Thanks to Nuance, English is Easier Now introduces subtle differences in meaning through illustrations and explanations, allowing students to develop a keen sense in language usage.

First Grammar for Elementary School, Grammar is Writing (Starter Level)

Grammar only matters if you are able to apply it. This book breaks down the complicated grammar rules into digestible lessons, allowing students to learn the rules stress-free. Visual aids are also provided to help understand the main grammar rules. The book is structured to study each grammar rule with a corresponding example sentence, and eventually practice sentence writing. Grammar is Writing (Starter Level), popular among homeschoolers and now even in academies, is the perfect starting point for studying elementary school grammar.