Established in 1993
Munhakdongne Publishing Group started with publishing literature, and now we present a wide variety of publishing areas including general non-fiction, art, science, children’s books, and graphic novels. Munhakdongne Publishing Group currently consists of 24 imprints and subsidiaries, publishing 500~600 new books every year.


The White Horse

A beautiful Gothic thriller that begins with when women get to know everything. Why or how someone knows nothing? Kang Hwa-gil is a writer who uses the rule of thrillers and thus excellently novelizing the disgusting hatred and violence that are inflicted on women. By doing this, she opens the horizon in female thrillers of Korean literature. With "Unreliable narrator", her works amplified the anxiety and fear of the character who is confident of nothing about his or her situation, fascinated readers with an atmosphere that could be felt only in the “Kang hwa-gil novels"

The Last of Seven Years

This full-length novel, published eight years after , encompasses all the key words of Kim Yeonsu's novels, such as youth, love, history, and individuality, and depicts the journey of a poet in a world that has changed rapidly since the Korean War. Through Kim's work, readers can see glimpses of Baek Seok, a poet who was active in the 1930s and 1940s, who following the Korean War was asked by the North Korean government to write poetry befitting the Communist Party's ideology, and who also translated Russian literature into Korean.

The Tears of an Unknown Artist, or Zaytum Pasta

A story collection by Park, who broke into the literature scene in 2016 by winning the Munhakdongne New Author Award. With his unique style of writing full of wit and humor, he dares to boldy voice out sensitive social issues in his work.

It Doesn’t really matter anyway

This is a first book by the singer-songwriter Jang Ki Ha. He used be the leader of a rock band ‘Jang Ki Ha and Faces’ and now he becomes a solo artist and preparing a fresh new start. He is well known for his impressive and unique lyrics and the reader can enjoy his direct and unaffected style from his writing this time. The essays are about his daily life and feeling as an ordinary young man and as a celebrity at the same time.

I Became the Coolest Grandmother

This is a part travel essay but focuses on the feeling and thoughts on being an grandmother enjoying her old age. What I like about this books is that this book truly delivers the joy of being a grandmother who now has a plenty of time to travel even though her body becomes weak. She is telling that even if you become a grandmother or grandfather, you can still dream about anything or everything. Her narrative is really funny and witty making readers laugh out loud.