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House of Hummingbird

Berlin International Film Festival, Tribeca Film Festival, Busan International Film Festival Awardees of 46 domestic and international film awards “Seoul 1994, in the year the Seongsu Bridge collapsed, 14-year-old Eunhee wanders the city searching for love.” A story of Eunhee, a middle school student, who struggles to love and be loved as she meets the gigantic mysterious world in her unique way in 1994, the year of the collapse of the Seongsu Bridge and death of Kim Il-sung The quintessential way to meet House of Hummingbird that portrays the story.

It’s Okay. You Won’t Die

The book is filled with warm human stories with no flashy sentences and sensational expressions or a regard for conventions of composition. The author’s wit and humor shine in his quirky cynicism in sweet and salty writings. Chong Hyon- jong, a poet, wrote, “It’s an enormous event that a person comes. It’s because the person comes with his past, present, and future. Because a person comes with his entire life” Let’s meet the author’s not-so-ordinary everyday he meets entire lives of his patients.

Keykney Will Draw Anything You Want

A project attracted 20K followers on social media! Keykney draws anything you request, be it a crazy day or a weird imagination. Keykney started this project to overcome the burnout as an illustrator. The author is running the project by receiving requests for illustrations on the comment section. Requests became an interactive content as a result of communicating with followers on social media. This book holds a collection of illustrations released on social media for six months, including best cuts and undisclosed cuts under six themes: daily life, hope, love, family, joke, imagination.

Samulgung-i answers anything about science! Absurd or Trivial is no problem.

South Korea’s representative science Youtube channel, ‘Samulgung-i’ has became a book! The author ‘Samulgung-i’ who is curious about everything around him, through various research methods such as searching thesis, books, expert’s opinions of science field etc, answers the questions which is too absurd or trivial to ask with clear and easily-understandable words.

I’ve never seen the math book like this before!

From the conception of dots, lines, and sides to Pythagorean theorem, you can learn everything about mathematics just with reading through this book! With various illustrations over 100 cuts, every child is able to learn everything about math with no difficulty but with more enthusiasm for math.