Established in 1989, the books of Urim Books, a Christian publishing company, have been recorded as bestsellers in the religion section at major bookstores in Korea. Based on this, we translated and published in many languages including Chinese and are distributing to major bookstores in 45 countries around the globe.
Urim is a member of the Korean Publishers Association (KPA) and international member of Evangelical Christian Publishers Association(ECPA) in the US.


Abraham, the Friend of God

Abraham is the ancestor of faith and is an important person in fulfilling God's providence. Through the process of receiving God's call and fulfilling the covenant of blessing, we can realize how he was able to be recognized as a “friend of God” and what true faith is.

Jacob I Have Chosen, Descendant of Abraham, My Friend

The story of Jacob, whose self-righteousness was completely broken through 20 years of trial and transformed into a person God wants, received the new name 'Israel', and his descendants became the nation of Israel today.

Joseph, A Passage to God’s Covenant

A 17-year-old boy becomes the prime minister of a country from a slave status. We can find endless wisdom in his journey of life that suits him best, and . In addition, they discover God's love for all people and providence of salvation in the end times.

Spirit, Soul and Body I

The dichotomy theory is that humans are composed of two parts, the soul and the body, and the trisection theory is composed of three parts: the spirit, soul, and body. This book develops on the basis of the Bible's saying that man is composed of spirit, soul, and body.

Spirit, Soul and Body II

This book explains the inevitable reason why light and darkness cannot coexist, why we should choose light rather than darkness, and tells us in an easy- to-understand way with examples from the Bible so that we can feel the spirit space as close to us as we can grasp it.