Since its founding in 2005, Sanzini has published over 600 covers on diverse areas including humanities, social studies, political subjects, and literature. In 2015, the company received the Grand Prize in the business management and sales category at the Korean Publishing Science Society Awards, the company published Happy Local Publishing, which was about the survival for local publishing. In recent years, we export book copyrights to Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, Russia, Mongolia, Hong Kong.


Independence fighter in Paris, Seu Ring-Hai

A book about the life of Seo Young-hae, an independence activist who fought against Japan through diplomacy in Paris. Exported copyright to Malaysia 2020

Eye of the night

A novel about the massacre of civilians in a fictional space in Daejin-eup during the Korean War. You can learn the sad history of the modern and contemporary Korean history.

The secret of 'Haeori' beach

A fairy tale book exploring the environmental issues of the sea through the adventures of Nio and Shinji in Adventures Under the Sea. This book thinks about an ocean polluted with garbage.

Thinking People

North Korea is the only place in the twenty-first century where there is no freedom of movement. Unknown stories of North Koreans who came to South Korea. We are discussing copyright with Netflix

Hell hurray

A youth novel about the growth and romance of Pyeongjae and Sia, a high school student. This story is full of unpredictable happenings among the cheerful characters.