RH KOREA is the new name of Random House Korea, which until 2010 was a subsidiary of Bertelsmann, the world’s largest publishing group. RHK list covers a broad spectrum, from general fiction and non-fiction, business and self-help, travel guides, language courses, and of course, to children books. RHK is looking to devote creating content for appealing global audience as well as Korean readers and cementing strong reputation as a center of publishing creativity and variety of contents.


WEEKDAYS are also Your Life! - Embrace the Moment

Weekdays during which you only hope for Saturday are also part of your life, so--this book urges you to--slow down and think about what kind of life you want to live.

ALWAYS ON YOUR SIDE - A Doctor's Message for Your Heart

Professor Han Chang-su, a mental health specialist, describes this series of processes with the term “post-traumatic growth” in his first book, A

600-YEAR-OLD BYUNGGOO: Am I a Nine-year-old Kid Now?

Cursed by another sorcerer, the grand sorcerer, Byunggoo aged over 600 became a nine year old kid! This grumpy kid now has to go to the primary school and his new adventure with friends starts!