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Found in 1993 with the motto 「a publication network of Asia for a better world」, Hanbit Publishing Network is one of the Korea’s leading publishers of IT, general interest, self-help, children’s books, and much more besides. We have had the greatest number of bestseller and authoritative books in IT and has now become a reliable partner for leading IT professionals by publishing their-in-depth works experiences. Hanbit has four publishing brands including 「Hanbit Media」, 「Hanbit Life」, 「Hanbit Edu」, Hanbit Biz.
Hanbit Publishing Network pursues a continuous and balanced growth while following the basics and principles. Based on such effort, Hanbit aims to contribute to the advancement of our society while helping readers to improve their competencies by publishing high-quality contents.


I won’t have any wish if I grow green plats

As the time spent at home increased, more people grew plants. This is because living plants have the power to invigorate us and give us clear energy. We prepared a gardening class that starts step by step from the basics for 4 weeks for beginner gardeners who want to take plants at once, but don't feel courageous.

First time students Self-directed learnig Method

'Secret elementary life' chosen by 100,000 parents Lee Eun-kyung X Teacher Lee Seong-jong's 15-year observation & practice report All about practical and sustainable primary self-directed study methods Primary study initiatives should be held by parents first and slowly handed over to their children. It doesn't mean that you hold it in your local study room and pass it to a large academy. No matter how busy and difficult it is, parents should start. We present actionable and sustainable solutions for children and parents to begin self-directed study with confidence.

Draw in quick steps even by yourself series(vol. 1 3steps, vol 2. 5 steps.)

It helps me to draw quickly and easily even by myself without the need for mom and dad to draw. All the pictures in the book can be completed in 3(or 5) steps. Even a child who is drawing a picture for the first time can complete a nice and pretty picture by following it step by step. I made it so that I could draw one sheet every day for a total of 30 days.

3 minutes excel

(영문) Have you ever given up studying Excel? Suddenly you need to use Excel, but are you embarrassed because you do not know how to handle it? What do you need to learn to get started with Excel? Sister IT's 3-minute Excel class was created to help and understand the difficulties of excel beginners. There are many functions in Excel, but most of the tasks are possible with a few frequently used functions, and among them, the functions that beginners need to know are limited. 3-Minute Excel provides an optimized curriculum for beginners to get acquainted with Excel in the fastest possible time and to use it easily.