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The countless entanglements and disentanglements among people and around the world:
Sensing a new form of coexistence through curated books

As the Guest Country of Honor at the 2021 Taipei International Book Exhibition, Korea explores the theme “XYZ.” Marked by environmental pollution, climate change, and the coronavirus pandemic, these are the times that make us realize more than ever that we all share a planet. XYZ refers to generations of people as well as the common issues they face such as gender inequality and environmental crises. Introducing Korean books that address the theme, Korea takes on the challenge of gauging the entangled contours of our times.

This book-curating event centers on books recommended by the 2020 Seoul International Book Fair’s participating speakers and publishers that address the entanglement of generations X, Y, and Z. Each book a fragment of this entanglement, the curated assortment is categorized by issues that concern the near future.

Past an era of exhaustion and indiscretion and at the crossroads of transition, this event will serve as an opportunity to imagine a new form of coexistence and encounter new possibilities.

Jo Seong-eun, book curator